Austria Card

Uptime is king for Austria Card. The LYKOS-member company produces microchip-embedded smart cards and enables secure payment transactions around the globe for 300 million end-customers in over 50 countries. So when Austria Card was planning to launch new services, its team chose Savision’s Live Maps to monitor internal and customer systems with speed, precision and flexibility.

It’s Faster than we Expected

Implementation went much faster than expected. Based on prior experience with other manual approaches to mapping the network, Austria Card budgeted several hours to draw, catalogue and record all of the network components. But with Live Maps intuitive interface, the process only required 45 minutes to complete.

“Five minutes after I installed the license, I created the first service and asked myself how I survived without it the last 2 years. The SLA widget for the SCOM dashboards provides a great overview with fewer click-throughs needed.”

Senior System Engineer

SLA Monitoring was a Nice Surprise

Live Maps helps Austria Card pinpoint and troubleshoot network issues in a fraction of the time it used to take without Live Maps. In addition, Austria Card uses Live Maps to define, calculate and monitor service-level agreements (SLAs) and to provide integrated at-a-glance views of distributed applications that used to reside in multiple SCOM folders. “The SLA widget for the SCOM dashboards provides a great overview with fewer click-throughs needed.”

Live Maps also replaced a large number of SCOM consoles, eliminating the associated time wasted on reloading views. “Everybody is happier.”

The Mobile App is the Best

Product and service managers use the Live Maps mobile application to get real-time application data. “From a management perspective, the mobile app is the greatest benefit.” The team can use Live Maps to get a quick status of the apps for which they are responsible via their mobile devices anytime, so they can identify and resolve problems even before email updates on SQL reports.

More Uptime, Better Customer Experience

Live Maps has empowered Austria Card’s team to identify and resolve issues faster than with SCOM alone and ensure more uptime for everyone who uses its systems.

“Our employees are more productive and our customers are happier.”

Head of IT & Network