Ballast Nedam

On a construction site, many companies work together. This means they need an integrated IT infrastructure to communicate and collaborate. And as construction projects evolve, the companies that access the IT infrastructure come and go as their participation changes. The result is a widely distributed, dynamic IT environment – one that is always changing, and ever challenging. 


Ballast Nedam ICT provides IT infrastructure for more than 50 construction sites, each with their own servers, computers, and networking components. At each of these sites, there is a physical server that houses two virtual machines. In addition, there are another 100 sites without servers that require network connectivity and ongoing management.

Ballast Nedam ICT has been using Savision Live Maps for about three years to learn as much information as possible when there is a problem on one of the 50 server sites.

“Savision can help even if there is no problem because it puts you in control – directly see changes and problems in the environment as they happen and before end users are impacted.”

IT Manager

Before Savision

SCOM provides the alerting and notification infrastructure, as one would expect. Savision has been part of the Ballast Nedam SCOM environment since day one, as part of the enterprise rollout.

Why SCOM and Savision? Quite simply, the pace of business accelerated in recent years, and Ballast Nedam ICT could not afford to have down time. Ten years ago, there used to be a scheduled construction holiday that everyone took off so they could do maintenance. That holiday does not exist for ICT any more.
Today, with people working remotely on smart phones and tablets, 24x7x365 uptime is simply the new expectation. Everyone works all the time. Therefore, they need to be able to find and fix problems as soon as they happen.

Life with Savision

Savision gives Ballast Nedam ICT the visibility they need to support this unique work environment. The company uses a large wall display with a Live Map so that all staff can see the status of the entire network at a glance. Most importantly, the map helps them instantly see sites that are having a problem.

SCOM lets them be proactive by setting thresholds for resources such as disk space, processor utilization and more; they can be alerted of pending issues before they become problems. Icons on the Savision Live Maps screen start to turn red when thresholds are reached. This means that if a server is running out of disk space, they will find out before people start complaining that they can’t save files.

While the same information is available in SCOM, Savision’s solution makes it easier and quicker to drill down to the real problem and therefor solve it. For example, ICT can have multiple views, such as a screen showing servers grouped by the applications they support — Sharepoint, Outlook, etc. — thereby giving them a view of the health of the business applications within the enterprise.


Savision puts Ballast Nedam ICT in proactive control of a highly dynamic, fast-paced IT network. No surprises, no unplanned outages. They are able to manage a distributed IT infrastructure in real time, which enables their company to succeed.