Frost Bank

Among the largest banks in the United States, San Antonio, Texas-headquartered Frost Bank has more than 140 branches across the state. Offering its clients a vast range of financial services, including online banking, Frost Bank is a 24/7 operation, and they wanted a solution that would help them bring the alerts and data from their many monitored application components together into one view.

The Challenge

Frost Bank had a team of more than 50 people depending on the monitoring and operations management tools in place to manage the performance of their systems, including SCOM, SolarWinds NPM, CA Application Performance Management and Derdack Enterprise Alert. While these tools worked well, with many alerts and logins from many applications, it became difficult to establish an effective workflow and ensure problems were resolved quickly.  For example, there wasn’t a way for Frost Bank to track an alert that was either sent or delivered, easily. In some cases, this meant that a customer follow up would tell them that an alert had not, in fact, reached the correct resource internally. Frost Bank’s network administrators would have to backtrack to figure out why they didn’t receive an alert.

Frost’s previous monitoring system was limited in its capabilities to bring many components of an application together into one view. They needed a system that would work with Microsoft Operations Manager, and notify multiple areas of the IT department simultaneously in the context of the business services they support – such as at their bank website and other applications.

The Solution

Frost Bank chose Savision to bring all of their monitoring applications into one single dashboard, with alerts efficiently managed from one platform. Frost Bank can now correlate network performance events detected by SolarWinds with service data collected by another application, along with Microsoft Windows server operating system health status from SCOM, all in a single dashboard.

To further simplify IT and network management for Frost Bank, Savision makes it easy to group functions together from different application components. Roger Salinas, Network Engineer at Frost Bank, can either add a computer to a dashboard or an existing group, and use this dashboard to drill down to see the members of the group and branch out into the actual source of the data. This allows Frost Bank to look at performance metrics from the originating source if they needed to so.

Frost Bank’s implementation of Savision helped streamline the problem resolution process further. Using a map of Texas, Savision’s dashboards would signal an alert whenever there was a problem in a given city’s branch. With a few clicks, they could drill down to the specific branch that was impacted, and even to the specific component of the branch’s IT infrastructure. Frost Bank has since incorporated 25 different application dashboards – ranging from the teller systems to cash management applications.

“We wanted to be able to track the alerts coming from the systems and making sure that the recipients were actually receiving the alert. We needed a way to be able to manage our on call scheduling in an easier way where we didn’t have to get involved. ”

Network Engineer

The Result

Frost Bank can now visualize all of the events and activities on their network and systems from a single dashboard, and manage alerts more efficiently, for faster problem resolution. For example, the bank’s SharePoint team is interested in looking at everything concerning their SharePoint servers, so Frost Bank can group all of these into a dashboard in Savision and then associate that board with Derdack enterprise alert, to create an alert policy associated with that dashboard. Now an alert is received as incoming event, and the correct person is notified based on ‘on call’ schedules and the SharePoint team’s calendar.

Frost Bank appreciates that Savision has built out its integrations to cover many of the industry’s most popular monitoring applications:

“Throughout our history with Savision, their responsiveness to our feature requests has helped us improve the way issues on our network are handled”, said Roger Salinas, Network Engineer at Frost Bank. “We’re a 24/7 operation with more than 50 team members handling help desk and IT administration, and the Savision tool has made us much more efficient”.

The IT professionals at Frost Bank have Savision constantly running on their screens – and often know a problem has occurred before it is apparent to branch employees or customers. This allows them to quickly allocate resources they need to fix the problem before it inconveniences customers or impacts their banking website. Instead of taking hours to fix problems, they can typically be handled in a matter of minutes.


Frost Bank uses Savision as their main visual source to be able to bring in the different monitoring products deployed in their environment, and connect them in a single dashboard for a simplified overview. In addition, they can easily set up alerts from this dashboard, routing them into Derdack enterprise alert to target a particular team and the person that is on call for that team.

This saves Frost Bank critical time in finding the root-cause and notifying the correct people at the right time to ensure that service delivery is maintained.