KPMG has over 4,000 employees in 15 locations around the world. They have a massive IT infrastructure that needs to be monitored at all times. The company tried several different solutions to monitor its systems, but either got alerts that didn’t tell them the root source of the problem, or were so overwhelmed by minor alerts that they often missed large problems. Then they incorporated Savision’s dashboards into their system, and are now made aware of problems in a matter of seconds, and able to prioritize and solve them before they even affect the end user.

The Challenge

With such a large infrastructure, they were virtually assured of experiencing multiple problems on any given day. And they did, with the team only becoming aware of outages when notified by end users.

They migrated to System Center Operations Manager which was better at detecting problems, but provided too many alerts. There was no easy way for the IT staff to determine the relative severity of the alerts. They needed a way to put problems in perspective, and address those that would affect end users as quickly as possible.

“We never had an effective overall perspective before. We had to create it in our heads from all the detail. Plus, the ability to drill-down from map to map, all the way to a single node, is priceless. The solution has paid for itself several times already. Anyone with an investment in OpsMgr should consider it. And once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed a network without it. This product is exactly what I was looking for.”

Deputy CIO

The Solution

Within 15 minutes of installing the dashboards, the company’s IT department had a clear view of the status of their entire IT infrastructure, with context-aware maps displaying real problems in real time.

The Result

The IT Staff at KPMG now know about problems as they happen, and can instantly determine the severity. Because the display is completely visual and intuitive, even junior members of the IT staff who would not be able to decode a complex, technical alert can understand and prioritize a problem. Not only are problems solved before they affect the end users, but the entire IT staff can monitor the entire system accurately in real time.


Using Savision dashboards helped KPMG manage a large, global IT infrastructure system that had, until then, been so unwieldy that major problems were often missed, or caught so late that they had affected the end-user experience.