Seven West Media

Seven West Media publishes The West Australian Newspaper, the largest daily newspaper in Perth, Western Australia’s capital. The company’s IT resources includes two data centers, 18 sites and over 200 servers throughout Western Australia. In addition to the newspaper’s daily production schedule, the infrastructure supports a highly visible customer-facing website, which ranks as the top online news destination in the region.

From Reactive to Proactive

Faced with tight resources, IT Managers found themselves reacting when outages happened or systems failed. They chose Savision’s Business Service Management solution – Live Maps to put them back in the driver’s seat, positioning the team to stop problems before they happen.

“We had been trying to get an idea of what was going on, trying to become proactive and get out of the position of being reactive,” said Murdoch Walls, Seven West’s System Support Officer.

“Our environment visibility is much better, something that might have gone unnoticed for several hours is generally picked up within five minutes.”

System Support Officer

Better Solution Needed

Seven West Media had System center Operations Manager (SCOM) installed and received countless email alerts, but they were poorly targeted. Often, the IT team would find out something was broken not long before the organization’s business departments were impacted. With Live Maps, now the team has the perfect solution to better track and head off issues, and give management a visual representation of what is going on.

The Service Dashboard was easily configured to display the health of Seven West Media’s active Directory, finance systems, email, domain name system and internet, along with memory use, CPU use and network bandwidth. The organization’s help desk, infrastructure and some application teams rely on Live Maps to keep systems running smoothly.

Seven West Media’s team doesn’t have to launch SCOM anymore to see if something’s gone wrong. a quick look at Live Maps’ Service Dashboard gives staffers a transparent view of the organization’s systems.

Quick Resolutions, Less Business Downtime

“Our environment visibility is much better, something that might have gone unnoticed for several hours is generally picked up within five minutes,” Walls said. “For example, when a cluster disk containing an exchange database was fast running out of free space, the IT team was able to quickly identify the problem and fix it. We were able to step in and resolve it before it resulted in downtime.”

Live Maps’ clear visual representation makes it easy for the team to resolve issues before they occur or get worse. even less seasoned technical staffers can see exactly where they need to go to solve a problem.

“With SCOM, you need lots of experience,” Walls said. “With Live Maps, people with less experience can tell what is going on more clearly. It’s very simple for people to see that if a business service is red, it must be down. The interactive nature of Live Maps allows us to drill down to the exact problem before our customers are impacted.”