What is Savision iQ?

Savision iQ is a new approach to managing IT infrastructures

IT Ops Made Easy

Savision iQ is an IT Operations Analytics solution that unifies all of your disparate monitoring tools, cloud platforms and ITSM systems, improving troubleshooting, decreasing downtime and making reporting easier. Based on ElasticSearch it can handle millions of IT alerts in milliseconds correlating them to understand the business impact and automate incident workflows.  Easy-to-use straight out of the box, your teams can start analyzing data, streamlining alert and incident workflows and creating business value dashboards instantly.

How does Savision iQ work?

Savision iQ puts your IT in focus by providing a smart layer on top of your existing IT management systems. It centralizes, unifies and ranks all your IT data, providing you with enterprise wide, search-based access from a single pane of glass.

If you get an alert, you also get a solution rather than having to chase down clues and data points that may not be related at all. iQ gives you enterprise-wide, search-based access you can see at a glance. No more dealing with multiple systems, installs, alerts, and errors. From familiar to wildly obscure data inputs, iQ saves time by recognizing, sorting, and customizing everything. Then brings it all into focus with reports and alerts that are relevant, manageable, and actionable for anyone in any role, from CEO to IT manager.


Showing you how it's done in four simple concepts


Integrate all of your IT monitoring, IT service management, public, and private cloud data into a single pane of glass.

Integrate with any IT monitoring, public cloud and ITSM system within seconds to add alerts, objects and incidents in one singe pane of glass. See our available integrations.

Savision iQ centralizes all of your objects, alerts and incidents into one simple to use interface. Search for related alerts and group them into unique incidents that can be created in your ITSM system.

By aggregating and enriching alerts from different monitoring systems, Savision iQ correlates alerts providing IT operators a unified, trusted trusted data view from network, infrastructure, applications and ITSM provides end-to-end insight into your IT infrastructure.  Easy to use, straight-out-of the box with powerful search, pin and and share workflow for instant validation, analysis and triage of alerts.

Visualize your applications and drill into groups and services to traverse through all of the related components in a visual dependency diagram.

Search & Analyze

Built on Elasticsearch, easily find any computer, alert, or incident in your IT organization in milliseconds.

Powered by ElasticSearch the leading open source big data platform, use natural search strings to quickly search through millions of alerts and objects in seconds and save your results in a search string. Search is based upon any property that is imported from your underlying data-sources.

Savision iQ easily integrates with Kibana or any other BI tools to perform advanced analysis. Quickly see trends and patterns in visual dashboards to take steps to improve service delivery.


Alert to Incident workflows provide the ability for advanced event correlation based upon defined business criteria.

Streamlined alert handling workflow between IT operations and IT service management and quicker resolution times. Intelligently group and ticket alerts based on service- and business-orientation into any ITSM system. Receive bi-directional updates as resolution progress is made. This bi-directional ticketing ensures that IT operators understand how incidents, problems, and changes affect a CI and how best they should respond to it.


Easily share business value dashboards with key stakeholders with a single click.

Customizable business value dashboards for monitoring service and device health, SLAs and financial impact of outages, which can be personalized per stakeholder. By correlating all of this data together, IT Infrastructure and operations leaders can view up-to-the-minute service level and financial impact reports.


Change the world to your view.

One unified data source Improves collaboration across teams, speeding up detection and resolution times.

Improved alert analysis and automated workflow handling improves operational efficiency.

Easy to understand information with business value dashboards means that management and end-user requests can be answered quicker, saving time and money.

Start using Savision iQ today

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