Banking & Finance

Live Maps with SCOM allows you to monitor banking applications, online portals, ATM’s and intra-banking applications over a private-cloud infrastructure

Modern banks and other financial entities are highly complex, technology-based companies. Banks usually have the largest IT infrastructure footprint than any other industry. Their infrastructure usually takes a large Operations team conducting a huge amount of monitoring, with any outages costing millions of lost revenue per hour. Common requirements are:

  • High availability – 99.99999% uptime required
  • Centralized on-premise virtualized datacenters
  • Large infrastructure footprint
  • High number of IT Alerts to manage

Savision has experience working with global banking institutions, national retail banks as well as finance houses, mortgage firms, and central banks. All our customers in this segment have highly complex virtualized workloads running business critical applications. They need to continually innovate their solutions towards their customers so their environment is also constantly changing. Live Maps uses dynamic rule settings to help keep up with these changes, becoming a critical cornerstone of the IT Operations team.

service dashboard new
CIO dashboard
Custom Dashboard Map

Live Maps brings Service-oriented monitoring and Advanced Dashboards for SCOM and OMS, allowing executives and senior management to see the operational status of the organization from within the monitoring platform they’re already using. Live Maps’ Service Dashboard displays the health of critical applications like credit, claims processing, anti-fraud and customer support, as well as their performance against service level agreements. IT and Application Administrators can drill down from the dashboard to quickly discover the root cause of availability or performance issues.

Live Maps helps to quickly identify where a critical outage is occurring within an application, enabling IT teams to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem. They can easily locate and resolve issues prior to an outage actually occurring, significantly reducing any downtime in the environment.

“Live Maps brings visibility into our IT environment. Several of our high-volume applications are monitored by an Operations team that relies on Live Maps.”

Network Engineer, Frost Bank


From the All Services Dashboard, you can instantly see the status of business-critical services such as Online Banking portal from three different perspectives: the end-users, the application, and the infrastructure. Every bank and financial institution provides services via an online banking portal which is critical for customers to access at all times of day. Using Live Maps helps you track End-User issues via synthetic transactions in SCOM. If the End-User perspective is showing red then Live Maps can help isolate the issue for an administrator between application, infrastructure or external provider issues to quickly get the service back up and running


Live Maps integrates with Bing maps to allow for remote monitoring of banking ATM machines. SCOM is a very flexible tool and can be configured to monitor almost anything. Using SCOM agents placed on ATM machines a scrollable and drillable goegraphic map can show and pinpoint any ATM machines that are out of order, or even low on cash thresholds. Alerts can be sent to responsible field engineers to respond in real-time to fix machines in their area.