SCOM Administrator

Make sure that you can proactively identify and resolve emerging IT Service issues before they impact your business

Your job has become more important than ever because not only do you have to recognize when there is a problem with an application or infrastructure component, you also have to prioritize it in terms of the impact on the end user, determine the cause, and fix it or get it fixed. The real-time alerts and notifications you receive almost every minute of your working day from System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) are critical to your ability to identify and resolve problems.

SCOM Administrator Goals


Proactively spot issues before they occur


Prioritize issues that affect end-users


Map and maintain IT components to their services


Provide SLA reports to management

Live Maps helps you easily determine the correlation between alerts and the impact on the end-user. You can significantly reduce SCOM maintenance, cut through the alert noise and spend more time on innovation knowing that Live Maps is helping you monitor the business.

Service Maps with SCOM Alerts

Benefits of Live Maps

  • Early warning notifications

    If the colour-coded Service Dashboard or a notification from the Live Maps Mobile Console indicates a problem with a service, you can easily go from there to the dynamically updated Service Map. The map gives more detailed information about the status of the service, including ownership, alerts and service levels. One click on the Service Map takes you to our rich end-to-end application and infrastructure diagrams that help you get to the heart of the problem.

  • Faster impact and root cause analysis

    The alerts generated by SCOM are so low level in detail and so numerous in scope that they make it hard to tell if an alert is serious or not. Live Maps addresses this problem by providing the functionality to group alerts by business service. And we help reduce the noise by making sure that you will only be alerted once for each business service even if multiple components fail.

  • Fast and dynamic DA maintenance

    The Live Maps Service Creation wizard guides you through the process of defining business services and mapping them to the infrastructure components and applications they need to function properly. All defined business services are stored as Distributed Applications in SCOM and update themselves dynamically as your environment changes saving hours of maintenance work.

  • Share SLA reports with management

    Live Maps creates 4 SLA.s per business services automatically that you can share with any team or person that needs the info in real-time or historically. Show your CIO the end-user SLA for business critical issues, share the Application SLA’s with your dev team, and Infrastructure SLA with your manager. Show the correct calculations and save time in calculating what went wrong when.

  • Seamless SCOM integration

    Our Live Maps solution natively integrates with the Operations Manager component of Microsoft System Center. The Live Maps Web Console eliminates the need for installing the SCOM web console in Silverlight and puts your dashboards and maps right on your team’s desktop.

“With Live Maps, we can start troubleshooting the root cause of an outage, not the symptom of the outage itself. In fact, we can often address the root cause before the effect is even reported. Previously, we would respond and begin trouble shooting at the ‘effect’.”

IT Systems Admin