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HTML5 SCOM Dashboards

Downtime costs organizations not only money, but also its reputation. System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) collects a lot of data, often making it difficult to pinpoint the underlying cause of a problem that results in prolonged downtime. Live Maps is a powerful dashboarding solution that seamlessly integrates with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Easy to install, it comes with unlimited HTML5 dashboards that will give you the necessary insights to resolve problems faster without breaking your budget.

Live Maps is equipped with both out-of-the-box enterprise application and customizable dashboards that require little configuration. Installing Live Maps will deliver immediate value to your IT department. It is the best and only complete SCOM cross-device, web-based front-end solution available that will help you to identify, prioritize, and resolve issues in no time.


Out-of-the-box enterprise application dashboards with unlimited users

Fast, easy, and customizable access to SCOM data on any device

Easy-to-share dashboards with your internal and external stakeholders

Spot application and service problems in no time with SCOM dashboards

Live Maps displays the source of an outage, letting you cut through alert noise and quickly spot issues. With its quick navigation feature, it takes only seconds to discover any object in SCOM, view its current health status and historical performance data, and troubleshoot and resolve its alerts. Live Maps groups infrastructure and application-related alerts into service-oriented SCOM dashboards that show you what’s critical to resolve before greater upstream impact or system outage.

Live Maps also offers advanced diagram, topology, and Visio-like dashboards that can help automatically build and dynamically update distributed applications in SCOM. Additionally, widget-based dashboards allow you to create the reports you need based on historical data collected by SCOM.

Performance Graph

Geographical Map

Geographical Map

Custom-Dashboard---Live-Maps-Lite (1)

Custom Dashboard


Out-of-the-box Dashboards

Choose an IIS, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Computer Health and Active Directory dashboard or create your own SCOM dashboards.

Unlimited Dashboard Sharing

Share unlimited SCOM dashboards with other users, even if they do not have any access to SCOM. Control drill-down behavior and prevent users from navigating to other dashboards.

Dynamic Distributed Applications

The advanced Authoring Console lets you create any distributed applications and custom diagrams with SCOM objects. The membership rules engine ensures your diagrams stay up-to-date without any maintenance.

Advanced Network Topologies

Network topology views let you draw and monitor your network with SCOM. Instantly see the ports your devices are connected to and the state of the connections between and among them.

Native + Mobile Optimized

Live Maps native application and mobile-optimized web experience allow anyone to view, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise application and services from anywhere. Native Live Maps mobile application is available on Windows, Android and iOS.

Historical Performance Data

Historical performance data is often the key to resolving recurring application and service problems. Spikes in load, insufficient memory, and high disk usage can all cause performance degradation and act as an early warning for downtime. Live Maps dashboards display critical historical and current performance metrics in context.

Custom Dashboards & Diagrams Authoring

Create maps of your datacenter, racks, and services that are available both within the SCOM console and Live Maps web console. This provides the access and context necessary to resolve problems quickly.

HTML5 Web Portal

All of your Live Maps can be viewed on any mobile device with our responsive, web portal. Completely Silverlight free, you can view the HTML5 Health Explorer, configure maintenance mode, and execute tasks for any SCOM object. You can also view and close alerts.

Top Performance Widgets

Take your Live Maps dashboards to the next level with support for inline performance metrics. Embed any of the performance metrics available in SCOM directly in Live Maps’ dashboards, giving you all the information you need to stay on top of your complex IT environment.

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